Reaching more players with Epic Games Store and Genba Digital

March 14, 2023

At Firestoke one of our primary objectives is to bring joyful games to as many players as possible, therefore we’re delighted that in the past week we’ve brought not one, but two, exciting distribution channels to our audience.

Following on from last weeks announcement that we have partnered with Genba ( to put our games on their partner network of digital storefronts we are pleased to confirm our support for the Epic Games Store with today’s launch of both Falling Out and Planet Cube: Edge on EGS!

Epic recently opened up EGS to “self-service”, offering developers and publishers easier access to an exciting and fast growing digital storefront. We’ll be watching closely to see how they position themselves against Steam, a larger and more established rival, going forward. Already the revenue share available to creators of 88% makes EGS an extremely attractive proposition compared to its competitors, however how Epic grow their user base beyond predominantly AAA gamers and enable smaller games to be discovered will be key in attracting wider adoption.

You can download Falling Out and Planet Cube: Edge on EGS by following these links:

Falling Out 

Planet Cube: Edge 

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