Goons: Legends & Mayhem

RageCure Games

Genre: Action, Party, Hockey

Release date: OUT NOW

Embark on a journey blending arcade hockey and beat ‘em up action !


Goons: Legends & Mayhem is an 3 vs 3 hockey action game with a variety of PvE and PvP modes up to 6 players, including a single player full story campaign. 


Players are thrown into an epic adventure to save Zambonia – a once quaint and prosperous kingdom where hockey is at the centre of everything. Choose from one of eight unique characters divided into three classes – the attack-focused sharpshooter, the defence-oriented enforcer and the wingman that can either focus on supporting their team or act as a constant pain in the neck of the opponents.



Team up with another player in 2v2 hockey encounters against a single goaltender, or in a classic 3v3 mode to unleash full chaos. Communication is your best ally, and your skills are your only saviour!


Pure PVP arcade hockey action with a twist. Matches that will bring you back to the couch co-op era, while providing a more modern sports experience with its class system and goalkeeper that feels like a constant boss fight. Choose from local co-op, online with friends or even multiplayer with randos!


Embark on a journey to save Zambonia! In this high energy single player mode, defeat evil mascots while trying to save the world from the Great Mascoteer, who’s trying to ruin hockey for everyone. Progress through the stages, overcome hockey-based boss fights, and unlock new characters and visuals, all while investigating the turmoil that’s wreaking havoc on this unique hockey universe!


Goons offers a variety of environments to wreck your friends in, from the chilled coasts of a once-booming fish market to the mythical realm of wizardry and legends. Each environment will propose its own special mechanics, environmental hazards and goaltender to defeat.


Pick the character that matches your playstyle the best or discover 8 different ways to spice up hockey matches in this sports and hero brawler blend. Choose characters from the sharpshooter (attack), enforcer (defense) or wingman (support) classes, Each character features their own abilities and unique traits, allowing for long-lasting replayability.


Other players are not your only worries here, as goalies will also make sure to ruin your best plays whenever possible. Be it long-range attacks, vicious mortar attacks or melee charges – no expenses will be spared to protect the net.

In Goons: Legends & Mayhem’s story mode, those goaltenders become literal boss fights, each one of them teaching you how to master different hockey techniques, preparing you for your PVP skirmishes!


Delve into a levelling system that allows you to customise your experience through emote stickers and character skins. Play matches, earn currencies, visit shops and treat yourself in fun shopping sprees. Communicate and score goals, with style !



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