October 6, 2022

Explore and escape, just don’t fall out! Firestoke’s first release is now available.

We are delighted to announce the release of our first title, Falling Out, today on Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One™, Xbox Series™, Playstation 4™, Playstation 5™ and PC Steam, supporting 11 languages and available worldwide.


Falling Out is a frantic 2D platform roguelite title in which you take control of oddball couple Giorgio and Felicie on the holiday from hell. Navigate randomly generated ancient temples while finding treasures, dodging traps, slaying enemies, and crafting weapons. On your adventure you’ll run into the equally lost, but rather helpful, shopkeeper, Azar and extremely frightening end-of-world bosses!


Not only is Falling Out our first game it is also the first release from talented indie developer PolyCrunch Games. We’ve had a lot of fun working with Neville Attard, the one-man machine behind PolyCrunch, and are delighted to have been able to support his dream of releasing Falling Out to a huge worldwide audience.

This first release has involved the talent and hard work of a small but dedicated team across development, marketing, porting, localisation, quality assurance, compliance, certification and many other areas. We’ll share more about what it takes to create a game, support multiple languages and simultaneously launch it on four platforms in a future blog, but for now, please download and enjoy Falling Out whilst the launch discount is available! 


Key Features:

  • Play with two characters at a time in single-player mode, or join with a friend in local co-op and versus modes.
  • Easily switch between characters to use their unique abilities.
  • Deep metagame – decode blueprints, buy objects and collect scraps to build weapons and items that will help you overcome the unknown perils ahead.
  • Procedurally generated roguelike levels. Each play session is unique.
  • Explore, navigate, and survive worlds full of ghastly ancient creatures.
  • Challenge yourself to set the global best score in the daily pyramid
  • Relive your most hilarious moments with slow motion replay


Buy now from the following stores (20% discount for a short time only):

Nintendo eShop 

Microsoft Store 

Playstation Store 


Web: https://fallingout.game/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/fallingoutgame

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