Our vision is to connect a growing global audience of players with the games they love. We are driven by creative inspiration, but informed by data, enabling us to bring players the best indie games from the brightest development talent. We love games that bring people together, that can be shared with friends and family and which spark joy!

Collectively, we have contributed to numerous global hits including some of the industry’s biggest and most loved brands. Our extensive experience in video game development, technology and publishing enable us to offer collaborative partnerships that make a difference.

Our creative and cultural pillars are the foundation of what makes us Firestoke.

Our Games


Simple, familiar controls that are easy to pick up, play and master.


Fun, energetic and playful experiences that spark joy in the player.


More fun by playing together, or watching others play.


Rewarding gameplay that promotes replay and extended sessions.


Positive gameplay experiences that can be played by all ages.


We believe that it’s not just what you do that is important, how you do it also makes a difference. Creativity and innovation are at the centre of our world, fueled by mutual respect and a range of diverse influences. Collectively and individually we strive to question the status quo and seek learning opportunities whilst remaining humble.

As a remote organisation we value talent and motivation above geographical location. Clear and candid communication, an agile mentality and an openness to new ideas are cornerstones of our team. We also recognise the need for balance and healthy life choices, sharing and supporting each other for the long journey ahead.

The Team

Paul Farley


Paul is an industry veteran and entrepreneur with a successful track record spanning three decades. He started his games career as a designer on the Grand Theft Auto series at DMA Design. More recently he co-founded and was CEO of a successful mobile game studio before founding and selling a game technology platform to Unity. His favourite game of all time is Mario Kart (SNES).

Mj Lewis

Head of Production

Mj is an experienced production manager with a background in indie publishing on PC and consoles. She has a graduate degree in Japanese, and spent her academic career trying to convince her professors of the value of videogames as cultural artefacts. Her favourite game of all time is Disco Elysium.

Omar Khalil

Design Director

Omar is an accomplished game designer and all-round creative, credited on globally recognised titles for console, mobile and VR platforms at Sony, Exient and Tag Games. With his roots in industrial design, he has also worked with LEGO, Hasbro and Wowwee. His favourite game of all time is Katamari Damacy.

Dan Gardener

Marketing Director

Dan is a highly experienced and talented games industry marketing professional who’s had a key contribution to the launch of numerous AAA and indie games. His career has spanned senior roles with Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Outright Games, Dovetail Games and most recently Coatsink. Dan’s favourite game of all time is GoldenEye 007 (N64).

Sanne Greijdanus

Social & Influencer Manager

Sanne is an ambitious and hard-working professional experienced in marketing and community management. Coming from a placement at Take-Two Interactive where she contributed to the launch of several 2K titles, she’s ready to take the industry by storm. Her favourite game of all time is, begrudgingly, League of Legends.

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