The Pillars of a Firestoke Game

We take great pride in finding exceptional games and partnering with the best talent to bring them to a global audience.

Every game concept that is submitted is carefully assessed and evaluated against our benchmarking criteria. Whilst we look for high quality and incredibly fun experiences, we also require that they satisfy our creative pillars:


Simple, familiar controls that are easy to pick up, play and master.


Fun, energetic and playful experiences that spark joy in the player.


More fun by playing together, or watching others play.


Rewarding gameplay that promotes replay and extended sessions.


Positive gameplay experiences that can be played by all ages.

If you believe your game meets these requirements, then we would love to take a look. Just ensure your pitch communicates your creative vision and covers the essentials when it comes to production and development.

How to Pitch

There are many ‘how to’s’ available on the internet which can help you to create a great game pitch. However, we won’t tell you how to do that here… but what we will do is present a guide on what we look for when it comes to your content. If you can provide this information when you submit your game, not only does it make it easier for us to assess the concept swiftly and effectively, but it also improves your chances of being noticed and championed by our team.

  • The Elevator Pitch

    An eye-catching, summary of your concept in a sentence or two

  • The Concept

    A high level description of your game idea and overall vision, including the core gameplay and mechanics. You should also clearly specify the main genre and platforms for launch

  • Target Audience

    Who the game will appeal to and why you believe they will want to play it.

  • Product Positioning

    How your game compares against the competition and if there is market potential for it

  • Gameplay

    Describe the core gameplay - what the player will do, how they will do it and why they will enjoy doing it. We like seeing core loops which demonstrate a play path that offers plenty of replayability and keeps the player engaged using traditional and innovative gameplay mechanics and features.

  • Features and USPs

    How does your game differentiate and offer something new in the genre; Does it have multiplayer? Is there Twitch integration? Is there online/local play? Any procedural elements that add replayability?...

  • Concept Art/visuals

    Videos, screenshots or gifs of gameplay, showcasing the core mechanics, characters and environment. If your demo happens to be in a much earlier stage of development (a prototype), then that’s not a problem, but it would be good to see some preliminary art/visuals which represent the final quality you are aiming for.

  • Production Timeline

    A clear and coherent roadmap for development, demonstrating milestones and goals, as well as any plans for post-launch support and what that might entail in terms of scoping and timeframe.

  • Budget

    Make sure to include a breakdown of your budget and how it will be spent across departments and team members, from pre-production to launch. Generally where we are asked to fund development we can contribute up to £250k, however if your needs are slightly higher we can always make exceptions. If you need significantly larger amounts of funding sorry, but at this time we aren’t able to help.

  • Your Needs

    Tell us what you are looking for from a publishing partner and what you need help with. This can include full-funding, marketing support and submission help to get your game shipped.

  • About the Team

    We want to know why you are amazing and why we will work well together. If this isn’t your first rodeo and you have released other games, then let’s hear about them too.

  • Contact Details

    Emails, Twitter, Discord, Twitch and any other social channels you use. We want to see what you are upto and how you are progressing. Whatever the outcome of our initial introduction, we love to make new friends and keep in touch.

We hope you found this guide helpful and we look forward to seeing your pitch.

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